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Food Packaging Player

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Sector: Food, Manufacturing


A leading player in the food packaging industry








Country of origin: Europe (Netherlands)

Client Requirement:

Company was interested  to explore the potential for their packaging solutions in the Indian market, after having indications that their products would encounter market entrance barriers (import duties), but could simultaneously benefit from Indian government stimulation policies (subsidies) in the agri-food business. They wanted to find out what the biggest market entrance barriers would be, and how they could be overcome (for example by setting up an 100% owned entity in India).

Services provided:

Our Quick Scan report was focussing on market entrance barriers (imports and tariffs), the own entity feasibility vs. import feasibility. The study resulted in a further discussion on how the Indian market could be approached, given the scenario of high import tariffs. Our team identified a few alternative options (setting up local contract manufacturing, targeting Indian exporters as clientele and importing product components instead of finished products).



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