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Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers

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Sector: Manufacturing

Client: Internationally leading woodworking machinery manufacturers (Joint Venture) specialising in new and pre-owned wood cutting machinery for small- and midscale industries.

Country of origin:

Europe (Belgium)






Client Requirement:

Company decided to enter the Indian market in 2011, since they had clear indications that the market growth could be captured at an early stage. The investors were looking at setting up their own, 100% foreign owned, legal entity, as well as hiring a sales- and operations team so they could control the sales directly and service their Indian clients from nearby.

Client website(s): &

Services provided:

Our team helped the company during the initial incorporation (2011), after which the JV was temporarily managed by their own (appointed) Country Manager. They requested our support again in 2012, where our team took over the management of their entity on an interim basis, in order to trouble shoot and further streamline the company’s finance, operations, HR, marketing & sales. Our responsibility also includes investor services, where we report to the shareholders of the JV about future developments, strategies and hand-over of operations to their own management.


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