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PH147-012Is exploring India on your agenda? Are you looking for partners in new markets? Do you plan on establishing distribution networks, set up sales office and/or manufacturing facilities to make your business grow in emerging markets?

Over the last 13 years, our team has successfully facilitated over 180 foreign organizations entering new market across 18 sectors: food, technology & innovation, education, advanced manufacturing, infrastructure, clean tech, security, bio-tech, tourism, leisure & entertainment, media & gaming, energy, water & waste management, creative & design, health and logistics.

We have successfully leveraged on local market knowledge, in-depth experience, business networking and a team of specialised professionals to:

• Facilitate the entry process for foreign firms in India
• Assess and mitigate risks associated with business operations in the country
• Accelerate the process of long term growth through customised service offerings suited to corporate objectives in order to provide our clients with the most feasible and suitable opportunities for market growth.

What we have worked on: