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India-Netherlands Handicraft (Fair) Trade Promotion Event (2004/5/6)


Abroader Consultancy Amsterdam initiated, organized, co- financed and hosted for three sequential years a seasonal Indian handicraft event in collaboration with, and co-financed by, the Indian government (Ministry of Textiles & Handicrafts, Ministry of Tourism) and Dutch regional finance cooperation (SNN).

The event was opened by the Indian Ambassador to the Netherlands in 2005 and 2006. As part of the event, award winning Indian artists demonstrated their skills during 3 months in a Indian Pavilion, while simultaneously promoting fair-trade and handicrafts from India.

The event attracted 20.000 visitors per year. The activity has been transfered to a non-profit Stichthing Traditions in 2007.


INBC – India Netherlands Business Circle

Abroader Consultancy (representated by Carin Rustema) is an active member of the INBC Bangalore Organising Committee (OC). The OC is currently, together with Carin Rustema, working on a CSR initiative and is approaching potential partners to collaborate on projects. Abroader Consultancy has offered to conduct a Expertise & Committment Research among members to identify the individual capacity of each member to add value to our future partnership programme.