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facilitate mitigate Accelerate
  • Incorporation: Company Registration and mandatory procedures, DIN, obtain firm name
  • Post Incorporation: Register for Service or Excise Tax, TDS, PAN, TAN #s, IEC code
  • Partner Search: Short listing and selection of viable local partners/distributors.
  • Trade Show Representation: Negotiate local exhibition rates, stall set up and staffing
  • Business Intelligence: Exploratory market research and feasibility studies
  • Select & Set Up New Office: Identify suitable locations & offices, Negotiate rental contract, furnish and equip with reqd technology
  • Office Set Up: Negotiate rental contracts, furnish and equip with technology
  • Team Recruitment: Short listing and select qualified personnel including managers
  • Licensing and Government: Manage regulatory compliance and legal requirements
  • Legal Support: Advisory services for corporate legal requirements and regulations
  • Banking: Obtain and manage Indian bank accounts for new entities with online access
  • Finance & Control: Select chartered accountants and establish accounting systems
  • Audit Supervision: Select statutory auditors and corporate secretary
  • IP & Trade Mark Registrations: Protection of intellectual property under Indian Law.
  • Resident/ Independent Director: Identify and appoint qualified directors
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Identify M&A targets and negotiate till deal completion
  • Business Development: Generate new revenues and clients in new market segment
  • Tender Bidding: Assist with tender applications and coordinate winning bids
  • Joint Venture and Partners: Identify and negotiate with potential joint venture partners
  • Sourcing networks: Identify and negotiate for lower cost purchases from Indian suppliers
  • Production Facility: Identify locations & help acquire land/plots to establish new factories
  • Contract Manufacturing: Identify potential manufacturers of required products & negotiate
  • Marketing & Press: Launch and coordinate advertising, PR and new media campaigns

Servicing our clients is working with dedication on finding tailor made solutions for them.

A personal approach, a matching belief in the opportunity and a dedication to achieve what is possible: call us your local shock absorbers, your third eye, your extended arm.

Everything we do is geared towards taking care of your interest in a new business context.

Believe and achieve: this goes hand in hand.

We facilitate market entrance, mitigate risk and accelerate growth, where we combine extensive industry experience, international market exposure and local market knowledge.

Our clear understanding of the local business reality ensures that clients can benefit from the growth opportunities ahead of them.

Other services

As per the Companies Act, 2013 appointment of an Independent Director for foreign companies is a mandatory requirement. Our in-depth experience with the local business environment and an existing network enables us to find an ideal match between the organisation and qualified, specialised personnel suited to this role.