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How We Started

How we StartedAbroader Consultancy commenced operations in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2001 with the aim of supporting foreign organisations (both public and private sector) in reaching out to the Indian market and effectively establishing their business there. At that point in time, India was a novelty market for many of our clients. We, ourselves, looked at the future and believed that India had an intrinsic opportunity for growth.

Netherlands and India

During the first 6 years, our team executed its services in two countries: in the Netherlands and India, together with a team of experienced freelance consultants who added their specialism to ours. We travelled up and down and often had to explain why we did what we did. India was not on the agenda of many of the companies in the world, right then. However, our clients were exploring the market, some of them decided to give India a “ go”. They moved along with us and were excited about the future – as much as we were. It was, even for them, not always an easy ride. We started calling ourselves Shock Absorbers: between Western (mostly European) expectations and Indian realities. But slowly, they gained full trust in Indian business – and are successful now.

A registered company in India

In 2006, we incorporated our company at Bangalore, India. We believed that we had to move permanently to our home market. We started working for larger clients and extended our services portfolio.

Adding North America to our markets

As a result of our expansion, we managed to win a competitive open tender in 2009, to officially represent the Ministry of Innovation, Jobs and Tourism, of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. This added the third continent to our business for a period of 3 years, where we introduced more than 200 Canadian companies to the Indian market. Our consulting experience made it possible to over-achieve the targets that were given to us. We surrendered the contract after 3 years in order to focus more on tailor-made services to individual clients.

Our next move: Goa, Netherlands, Dubai

In 2012, we decided to grow our presence in India by appointing associate consultants in Mumbai and Bangalore. Our registered office moved to Goa, where our support team currently works. Having a pleasant work environment is important to all of us.