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Project Name: STARKISS – Circus girls in India

starkissThis international documentary, co-financed by the Dutch government (filmfonds) and produced in by Wilderell Film (Amsterdam) was made in cooperation with Abroader Consultancy (Pratap Raju), who handled the line production in India, negotiated the terms of cooperation between the Indian circus and Dutch film makers and supported with interpretative script issues during the editing phase in the Netherlands.

The documentary was applauded by the international press and has been broadcasted on various international television channels, film festivals and in cinemas worldwide.

This is a story about displacement, homesickness, desire, love, fear, hope and togetherness.

In India’s famous Great Rayman Circus, fifty girls live in the circus premises. They have been sold by their parents to the circus. They live isolated from the other artists and from the outside world. These other artists include a hundback dwarf clown, a miniature man who fits perfectly in a shopping bag, a water-spitter who swallows live goldfishes… The girls are not allowed to contact anyone except for their coaches in the circus. One of their acts is the Starkiss: where girls hold a bit in their teeth and fly in through the air.

International awards and nominations:

  1. Joris Ivens Competition IDFA 2002, Amsterdam
  2. Dutch Perspective. International Film Festival Rotterdam 2003
  3. DocAviv – Competition, Tel Aviv, Israel 2003
  4. DIFF Chicago, USA 2003
  5. Human Rights Watch IFF, London, UK 2003
  6. IFF Reijckjavic, Iceland 2003
  7. IFF Parnu – Competition, Estonia 2003
  8. 2 weeks run – Film Forum, New York City
  9. IFF Vancouver, Canada 2003
  10. Dutch Film Festival– Nomination for Best documentary
  11. IFFLA Los Angeles, 2004 Jury Award for Best Documentary
  12. 2004 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival Academic Award