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Manufacturer, Mattress Components

about project

Sector: Manufacturing

Client: Market leader (manufacturer) of mattress components








Country of origin:

Europe (Belgium)

Client Requirement:
Company needed to identify the right moment to enter the Indian market, in order to benefit from the market growth. Although the company had already sold products in the Indian market in the past, new market indicators raised the question if growth would be more promising if import duties (as their major market entrance barrier) could be avoided by setting up a local manufacturing base.

Services provided:
Our in-depth analysis of the mattress ticking market and market entrance strategy (based on desk research and interviews with more than 15 key industry insiders), gave clear answers to the question when the Indian market would be big enough to enter, and in which area in India a potential manufacturing location could be set up.
Our study was executed in three phases: a) estimating the market size of the Indian mattress ticking sector on a geographical cluster basis, b) identifying supplier concerns and product selection criteria and c) executing a destination analysis for manufacturing location.


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